Feature Articles

Tale of Two Ambitious Art Schools

Art New England, July/Aug. 2013



The Old House

  New England Home, May 2012


Jason Berger: Boston Expressionist

Art New England, Feb./March 2009



Robert Indiana: Words as Medium

Art New England, Oct./Nov. 2009


Shooting Stars

Art New England, Dec./Jan. 2008



Having a Good Time: Henry Horenstein

Art New England, Oct./Nov. 2008




Big Dig Casualty Replicates 18th Century Furniture

Boston Globe, Sept. 29, 2005



Glass House

Boston Globe, June 30, 2005



One-on-One With Nature: South Africa

Boston Globe, June 6, 2004



Marquetry Mastery of Silas Kopf

Boston Globe, May 20, 2004

Published Articles 



Rough Likenessby Lia Purpura

Brevity, May 2013



Talk Talk: Effective Communication, by Mavis Klein

Psych Central, June 2013


Goodbye Wifes and Daughters, by Sue Resnick Kushner

Brevity, 2011



The Thing You Think You Cannot Do, by Gordon Livingston

Psych Central, 2012



Dogtown, by Elyssa East

Brevity, 2013



Brave Girl Eating, by Harriet Brown

Psych Central, 2013



When Truth Lies, by Terry Garahan

Psych Central, 2013


Fearless Confessions, by Sue William Silverman

Brevity, 2009








Birch Whisperer

Brain, Child, November 2103




Sue Kushner Resnick, Bringing Characters to Life

Brevity, September 2013



Blog Posts

Magic Revealed

New England Home, 2012



OK, Now What?

Art New England, Sept. 11, 2011



In Pursuit of Knowledge

Art New England, Sept. 24, 2011